Director, scriptwriter, master of parody and trifle, and occasional actor Tomáš Vorel will finish an eight week shoot on his new film To Catch a Billionaire (Jak ulovit miliardáře) in late May.

Czech director Marie Poledňáková love story and Falcon Film release You Kiss Like God (Líbáš jako Bůh) reached a surprising 709,000 viewers by April 15, two months after opening.

Director Viktor Taus' sequel to Karel Smyczek's 1983 romantic film of a winter school trip to the mountains, Daffodils & Tough Guys, will open in Czech cinemas December 18 with 44 prints, and on December 26 in Slovak cinemas.

Leading Czech domestic film festival Finále opened its doors Monday in Plzen but unexpectedly, seven of 19 films scheduled for competition have pulled out. Some were pulled because producers fear unfavorable reviews while others are pursuing an international festival strategy rather than a domestic one.

The last part of a loosely linked trilogy about the search for love, Country Teacher by director Bohdan Sláma, openws on March 20 in Czech cinemas. And if its predecessor is any indication, the film will be a critical success.

A new film by Vladimír Michálek, Of Parents and Children, a poetic comedy about an aging father and his middle-aged son who have little in common,opened Thursday (March 6) in the Czech Republic

Shooting wraps today (Feb. 20) for Shameless, a romantic comedy by popular Czech director Jan Hřebejk. The film is based on the novel by renowned contemporary author Michal Viewegh, who also wrote the script. The 26-million-crown (€1 million) film is scheduled to premiere Oct. 8.

The traditional gloom-ridden Czech film may be giving way to a brand new trend if Wedding on the Battlefield, a comedy by Dušan Klein, is any indication. In its first three weeks it attracted 60,000 viewers, not bad for a genre that has begun to score a string of successes.

One of the most original and unusual entries in the 2008 Czech film portfolio is the full-length documentary Citizen Havel, an intimate portrait of the former Czech president that was 15 years in the making. Citizen Havel will open in Czech cinemas Jan. 31.

The last Czech film premiere of 2007 is Václav, based on the true story of an autistic village man who lives with his mother but gets into trouble and then wins clemency from another Václav - the former Czech president.

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