A wrap for latest Jan Hrebejk comedy Shameless


Shooting wraps today (Feb. 20) for Shameless, a romantic comedy by popular Czech director Jan Hřebejk. The film is based on the novel by renowned contemporary author Michal Viewegh, who also wrote the script. The 26-million-crown (€1 million) film is scheduled to premiere Oct. 8.

It is Hřebejk's first film without the collaboration of veteran scriptwriter Petr Jarchovský and producer by Ondřej Trojan. The producer is Rudolf Biermann and his In Film production company (www.infilm.cz)

"Biermann offered me a new project based on the book of my friend Michal Viewegh," Hřebejk told FNE. At the same time, his long-time collaborators were working on another script. The director said he plans to resume working with Jarchovský and Trojan later this year.

Biermann says he welcomed the chance to work with Hřebejk. "I appreciate his vision, his ability to improvise, his attitude to actors and his efforts to make a film really perfect," he told FNE. "He is disciplined and always fulfills what was previously agreed."

Biermann´s In Film, founded in 1992, has produced or co-produced 19 feature films to date and has three more features planned this year.