Polish public television TVP S.A. is suing a Polish website for what it describes as illegal Internet retransmission of some of its most popular shows.

Poland's new government plans major changes in both the structure and financing of Polish public television. Prime Minister-designate Donald Tusk said in an interview in the daily "Dziennik" that his government will introduce legislation in January to reduce the influence of - and ultimately eliminate - the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT).

Only a couple of days after the closing of the Warsaw International Film Fest, the capital is hosting another movie event. The Worldwide Festival of Student Movies, called Young Frames, is a full retrospective on what film industry debutants seek to show to the world

Warsaw (CentEast Daily News) - After more than 10 years of crisis, Bulgaria is returning to the world cinema map. Bulgarian filmmakers have only recently started finding their place in the new social and financial context. Thanks to this, new releases include not only pictures portraying present-day Bulgaria, but also realistic films that are settling accounts with the old system.

Warsaw (CentEast Daily News) -- Hungarian director Benedek Fliegauf, whose Milky Way (Téjut) is screening in Warsaw's Free Spirit Competition, is scouting locations in Poland for his next feature, The Womb, which will be shot with an English dialogue. Milky Way won the Golden Leopard in the Filmmakers of the Present section of this year's Locarno International Film Festival.

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