5th anniversary of Cinema in Sneakers Festival for Children and Youth

    From the 31st of May till 11th of June we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Cinema in Sneakers Festival for Children and Youth.

    “This year we reach out our fists for some birthday dap or, how we like to call it, a djoovick, we high-five you, shake your hands… wait, what am I saying? We offer hugs and kisses (naturally to those who want to be hugged and kissed). We’re thrilled you’ve been with us for 5 years already and we want to celebrate this long-term relation(ship). More so, having in mind your relations with us, we want to celebrate them as a state, conditioning, mission, inevitability, the essence of humanity, the essence of being a part of the world.”

    Cinema In Sneakers is an extraordinary festival - not only it is addressed to children and youth, but is organized by them. Our Youth Group of the Force is responsible for communication, promotion and, most importantly, film selection. That’s exactly why it is so well suited to the young cinephiles wants and needs! We want to give them movies they could identify with - movies about their peers, their problems and about the world they live in.

    Cinema In Sneakers film festival has 4 competition sections: Children Short Films Competition, Children Feature Films Competition, Youth Short Films Competition, Youth Feature Films Competition. Our main prize, Film-Wanderer, is being awarded by Children Jury and Youth Jury. This year, for the first time, there will be awards from European Children Film Association, Studio Cinemas Jury and Parents Jury.

    During the festival there will be also multiple screenings out of competitions. In section „Best of Season” we want to show You the most beautiful movies we have seen lately, which didn’t make their way into the competition. „Naturally!” is about our relationship with nature, it’s power and beauty. But that’s not only movies - we would like to show you all that during our workshops: we invite You to listen to birds singing in the morning  or for a night stroll in a park! You are going to meet the most famous Polish movies for children and youth, eg. animated „Rex” or Stanisław Jędryka’s movies.

    For the third time Cinema in Sneakers will hold the industry workshops and the conference Warsaw Film Talent Camp.

    See you in Warsaw!

    Children Feature Films Competition

    1. Mice & Owls (Uilenbal), dir. Simone van Dusseldorp, 2016, NL
    2. Up in the sky (Upp i det blå), dir. Petter Lennstrand, 2016, SE
    3. Becoming who I was, dir. Chang-Yong Moon, Jin Jeon, 2017, KR
    4. Heartstrings (Le coeur en braille), dir. Michel Boujenah, 2016, FR, BE
    5. Hang In There, Kids (Lokag Laqi), dir. Laha Mebow, 2016, TW
    6. Mountain Miracle – An Unexpected Friendship (Amelie Rennt), dir. Tobias Wiemann, 2017, DE, IT
    7. Little Wing (Tyttö nimeltä Varpu), dir. Selma Vilhunen, 2016, FI, DK
    8. Stonehead (Shi Tou), dir. Zhao Xiang, 2016, CN
    9. Little Harbour (Piata loď), dir. Iveta Grófová, 2017, SK, CZ

    Youth Feature Films Competition

    1. 6A (6A), dir. Peter Modestij, 2016, SE
    2. The Fits (The Fits), dir. Anna Rose Holmer, 2015,
    3. Sami Blood (Sameblod), dir. Amanda Kernell, 2017, SE
    4. Sing Street (Sing Street), dir. John Carney, 2016, IE, UK, USA
    5. Heartstone (Hjartasteinn), dir. Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson, 2016, IS, DK
    6. Goodbye Berlin (Tschick), dir. Fatih Akin, 2016,