Cinema in Sneakers encourage talents to make films for children and youth

    Dutch Perspective
    7-8th of June 2017
    NINA ul. Wałbrzyska 3/5, 02-739 Warszawa

    Cinema In Sneakers is a festival, that by its idea initiates events for Polish film industry, shows best producers practices, invites people, who can share their experience as directors, writers, producers, casting directors, etc., and who can showcase some practical hints about creating TV programmes, full-length and short movies addressed to children and youth.

    This year, for the third time, we have invited representatives from the country, that holds a lead in production addressed to the youngest cinephiles to share their knowledge and experience with professionals from Poland. This year’s said professionals are the Dutch Let’s see, what will they bring to the table!

    During two days of Warsaw Film Talent Camp, we would like to create an atmosphere of exchange knowledge, experience, and skills, and to connect people and ideas.

    Kino w Trampkach [Cinema in Sneakers] – a fresh and buzzing project – is organised by Cinemania Foundation. We started off in 2013 with big hopes and enthusiasm that only crazy, uncontrollable film buffs have. The idea to create a film festival for kids was influenced by Janusz Korczak’s credo : “There are no children as such – only people; but people with different experiences, different drives and different reactions.” And these people have the right to watch a wide array of films: about varied cultures, problems, made with diverse styles, but made with respect to kids.

    Everything started with THE NEED. Having worked in the film industry for over a decade, we noticed this big, gaping hole that exists in the Polish market of the cinematic productions for kids and youth. One that has grown over the years and one that our generation has luckily escaped. We were given films that helped us develop as people, characters that we could compare to; that mirrored our reality; films that were made for us and about us. We felt that the contemporary youth was being deprived of that.

    We started in 2013, and growing every year. In 2016, we had over a 7000 visitors.

    Warsaw Film Talent Camp 2017 will be:

    1. A Polish-Dutch conference, different than the others - let’s learn from the best. 7 short panels on different subjects, dynamic, 20-minutes long speeches given by 2 or 3 professionals in each panel.
    2. Workshops held by our Dutch guests.
    3. Cinema In Sneakers Speed Dating - directors and ideas market
    4. Projects consultations with Dutch experts

    Exact Programme:

    Day 1, Wednesday, 7th of June

    Conference: Know-how Exchange

    9:00–9:10 Introduction of the organisers
    Magdalena Sroka (Polish Film Institute) | Anna Stadnik (Cinema in Senakers) | Aneta Ozorek (Cinema in Sneakers) | Michał Komar (ZAIKS)| Representative of NINA
    9.10-9.20 Introduction by representatives of Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland
    Raphael Varga | Katarzyna Kolman
    9:20-9.40 National strategies of support children’s film production
    Polish Film Institute | Signe Zeilich-Jensen (The Netherlands Film Fund)
    9:40–10:40 PL-NL: how to co-produce?
    Łukasz Dzięcioł (Opus Film) | Signe Zeilich-Jensen (The Netherlands Film Fund) | Polish Film Insitute
    10:40-11:00 Cofee break
    11:00–12:00 Children directing’s does & don’ts
    Boudewijn Koole |Jacek Bławut | Krzysztof Gradowski
    12:00–13:00 Child on a set - scheduling, law, time
    Wojciech Stuchlik | Aster Reinboud i Nathalie van der Burg | Elisabeth Hesemans (Elskes Kast)
    13:00-13:40 Lunch
    13:40–14:40 Casting of a child actor
    Elske Falkena (Elskes Kast) | Mariusz Palej i Magdalena Nieć | Małgorzata Domin (Domino Film)
    14:40–15:40 International festival and sales strategies for children film
    Jan Naszewski (New Europe Film Sales) | Wouter Jansen (Some Shorts - Festival Distribution) | Erik Tijman (Cinekid)
    15.40-16.20 How to promote for children audience?
    Iwona Buchcic (MOMAKIN) | Karolina Śmigiel i Diana Gaik (Stowarzyszenie Filmowe Dziki Bez)
    16.20-16.40 How does Europe support children and youth production?
    Jo Muhlberger (European Film Promotion) | Julia Płachecka (Creative Europe Desk Poland)
    17.00-18.00 Coctail


    Day 2, Thoursday, 8th of June
    Free admission after registration. All workshops by Dutch experts are in English.
    9.00 – 11.30 Is it worth to be a producer of content for children and youth? Building a market for children and youth | Aster Reinboud, Nathalie van der Burg
    12.00 – 15.00 Casting and preparing children to roles | Elske Falkena
    12.00 - 13.00 Why does artists need a ZAiKS? | Łukasz Łyczkowski
    15.00 – 16.30 How to find a children documentary character. Documentary films for children. | Niki Padidar
    15.00-17.00 Directing of children | Boudewijn Koole

    Market of directors and producers
    17.00-19.00 Directors and producers speed dating
    10 minutes meetings in a relaxed atmosphere, with a glass of wine, for producers, script writers and directors interested in shooting films for children and youth.

    Experts Bios:

    Signe Zeilich-Jensen
    Long-time manager of Cinekid Festival, a boss of Holland Film Meeting - coproduction platform for european movie productions. She now is a film commissioner in Dutch Film Fund

    Elske Falkena
    Owner of the biggest and best known casting agency in Netherland. Since 1999 ElskesKast specializes in children casting for TV series, movies and advertisements. She’s been working on over 80 fill-length movies.

    Elisabeth Hesemans
    Since the year 2000 she is responsible for casting and acting trainings in ElskesKast. She works with children who have their first appearances ahead, as well as with more experienced ones. She worked with such directors as: Simone van Dusseldorp, Dennis Bots, Anna van der Head, Joram Lursen, Martin Koolhoven and many more.

    Erik Tijman
    He’s been working in film industries for many years now, being involved in such events as: International Film Festival Rotterdam, Edinburgh International Film Festival and EYE Film Festival. In 2012 he begun his cooperation with Cinekid Festival, biggest European market of productions for children. Since 2017 he is program director of Cinekid Festival.

    Niki Padidar
    Director of several documentaries addressed to children, she’s been working on movies for kids and teenagers for over 10 years. Her debut, NINNOC received many awards on festivals all over the world, IDFA and Berlinale included

    Aster Reinboud
    Aster is working with PUPKIN Film, a leading production company on a dutch market, that specializes in TV series and full-length movies for children and youth. She’s responsible for thinking of new ways of development and seeking for talents in this field

    Nathalie van der Burg
    Creative producer in PUPKIN Film since 2009. She participated in lots of film labs for new, promising producers. She’s responsible for productions for children and youth.

    Wouter Jansen
    Owner of Some Shorts, distribution company, that’s also responsible for creating strategies for film festivals. They specializes in brave shorts and documentaries. Since 2016 he’s also working on full-length movies.

    Jo Muhlberger
    CEO in European Film Promotion. EFP is an extraordinary network of 37 European countries, that promotes unique film talents. He’s responsible for „Producers on the Move” project in Cannes, that is addressed to film producers from Europe.

    Boudewijn Koole
    Producer, director and co-owner of WitFilm. He’s an advisor and teacher for filmmakers in the development process, during shooting and montage. He’s movies gained many awards on festivals all around the world. His „Kauboy” was sold to 14 countries and was awarded over 30 awards.

    Jan Naszewski
    Owner of New Europe Film Sales, a successful agency taking care of aspects such as promotion and selling short and full-length movies. In NEFS catalogue there are movies such as Rams, winner of Prix Un Cerain Regard in Cannes in 2015, that was sold to over 40 countries.

    Łukasz Łyczkowski
    Attorney, a proxy for polish Association of Artists ZAiKS. He specializes in copyright, massive management and personal data protection.

    Julia Płachecka
    While working in Creative Europe Desk Poland she’s taking care of polish applicants for EU program Creative Europe grant in the MEDIA component. She’s an experienced creator of international audio-visual, cultural and educational projects. She began her career as a coordinator of programs addressed to children, their parents and care-takers and teachers.

    Wojciech Stuchlik
    Producer and executive producer. He’s the owner of production company FILM PRODUCTION. He’s Mariusz Palejs („Behind the Blue Door”) and Grzegorz Jonkajtys („Miś Uszatek”) executive producer. For two years he’s taken care of production of animated shorts in Platige Image, making such movies as „Wilq the Negotiator” (directed by Bartosz Minkiewicz and Leszek Nowicki). Currently he’s producing a TV series „Wilq the Superhero”, coproduced with Polsat TV and PISF.

    Jacek Bławut
    He’s a graduate from Documentary Course in Andrzej Wajdas Master School of Film Directing. Co-writer for movies such as „Jeszcze nie wieczór”, „Sen motyla”, „Dzień czekolady” and „Hotel Potworny”. He was a cinematographer for many documentaries. He’s movie „Dzień Czekolady” is based on a screenplay developed in a ScripTease program and was awarded Krzysztof Kieślowski Award during 63th Film Festival in Cannes.

    Krzysztof Gradowski
    Director and screenwriter for documentaries, full-lengths and animated movies. He wrote and directed a cult series about Mr Kleks. In 1990 he became Chair of Polish TV and Movie Directors Corp. He’s a member of Polish Film Academy.

    Łukasz Dzięcioł
    Co-owner of Opus Film, one of the biggest and most successful production companies in Poland. They have in their portfolio movies such as: „Z Odzysku” (Polish Oscar Candidate) and „Chłopiec na galopującym koniu” (Out of competition in Cannes). In 2011 he was chosen to join Producers on the Move, a platform for promoting European productions. Since 2011 he’s a member of Polish and European Film Academy.

    Mariusz Palej
    Graduate of Film School in Łódź. For many years he was working as a cinematographer in documentaries, movies and TV theaters. He gathered experience as a director of TV series and Videoclips. His movie for children „Behind the Blue Door” is his full-length debut.

    Magdalena Nieć
    Graduate from Polish Theatre School in Wrocław. She was given a scholarship in École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette in Charles-Villes Mezieur. Theatre and movie actress, sreenwriter. She was a co-writer, second director and an actress in „Behind the Blue Door”.

    Karolina Śmigiel
    Member and cofounder of Dziki Bez [Elderberry] Film Association, co-originator of the Festival of Abstract Thinking, film producer, UNI-SOLO Studio member of the board. Coordinator of media education, Polska Lab and Misplaced in Media coordinator, film educator, programmer. Lecturer at Warsaw Film School.

    Diana Gaik
    Sociology and journalism graduate. Co-creator and coordinator Docs Academy of DOCS AGAISNT GARVITY. Co-originator of the Festival of Abstract Thinking. She coordinates Beata Pawlak’s Award program “Heaven on Earth. Head of Dziki Bez [Elderberry] Film Association.

    Iwona Buchcic
    PR specialist. She is responsible for marketing and communication campaigns in MOMAKIN made for film producers and film studios.

    Małgorzata Domin
    Founder of a production company Domino Film. She was executive producer of two Lech Majewski’s “The Mill and the Cross” and “Onirica”. She is the producer of children film “Adventures Club” by Tomasz Szafranski.

    Anna Stadnik
    Graduate from Economics University in Cracow, she’s studied Gender Studies in Warsaw Uniwersity and Screenwriting in Cracow Screenplay School. She’s bound with film market since 2001. She worked on introducing MEDIA program in Poland, cinema distribution, has experience from Co-production Department of TVP. For 4 years she’s been a head of Program Department of Two Riversides Festival. Her passion is writing and improving screenplays. She’s one of co-founders and Art Director of Cinema In Sneakers.

    Aneta Ozorek
    Children film festivals programs director, movie-related events producer, long-time expert in film education. She worked as a Program Director on ARS Independent (Katowice), REGIOFUN (Katowice) and Children's Cinema Project. She’s head of Short Section in Visegrad Animation Forum, a program director for Cinema In Sneakers and coordinator of Polish Animation Producers Association. She’s a member of European Children Film Association and polish ambassador of European Animation Award.