PÖFF brings together film industry professionals and young local talent

    On the 26th of November, as a result of the collaboration between PÖFF, Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event and the European Film Academy (EFA), film industry professionals will meet with young local designers, creatives, and promising film actors of the future. 

    PÖFF BlackWalk, the exclusive gala of young talent, has been launched with the aim to help industry professionals discover young and emerging talent. Festival director Tiina Lokk considers the event highly important.

    “PÖFF BlackWalk is the first step in creating a cohesive network of training programs that bring people together from different areas of the film industry. The EFA has around 3000 professional members across Europe - our collaboration means to use this network and channel it into the local education system”.

    This year’s project is a development of last year’s PÖFF: Black Catwalk. Laura Kurs, the event’s head organiser confirms that this year’s program is one step closer to what they really want to achieve. “We want to create a sustainable education program for our young film lovers. By working with the EFA, we are able to establish direct contact with film industry professionals and build lasting relationships with them. Hopefully, we will be able to arouse an indelible affection towards film in costume designers, make-up, hair and video artists," she adds.

    In this year’s program knowledge and advice is shared by visual artist Peter Hjorth(“Antichrist”, “Melancholia”, “Nymphomaniac: Vol I”), make-up artist Dalia Colli(“Dogman”, “Casanova”), hair artist Daniela Tartari (“Broken Embraces”, “Like Crazy”) and costume designer Stefanie Bieker (“Land of Mine”, “Only Lovers Left Alive”). 

    PÖFF BlackWalk’s gala will feature three mini-collections, which are created with the specifics of costume art in mind and which are inspired by the selected films of the young Estonian designers – Annika Kiidron, Liina Liesment and Reila Saarmäe. The fashion show with an emphasis on the film industry is also the culmination of a two-month training program in which young fashion designers, make-up, hair and video artists were lectured and supported by the EFA’s acknowledged creative directors. 

    PÖFF BlackWalk’s gala night will take place on 26 November in Noblessner’s Valukoda. In addition to fashion designers and creatives, the event also acknowledges young promising film actors participating in Black Nights Stars programme. The event is part of the Industry@Tallinn &; Baltic Event program for film professionals at the Black Nights Film Festival and the Creative Gate project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. PÖFF BlackWalk is supported by Enterprise Estonia, Toyota and Balmain Hair Couture Estonia.

    Fashion show of Black Catwalk from 2018(1)
    Fashion show of Black Catwalk from 2018(2)
    Fashion show of Black Catwalk from 2018(3)
    Fashion show of Black Catwalk from 2018(4)

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    Last modified on 08-11-2019