One World Festival Interrupted

The organisers of the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival regret to announce that because of the most recent decree issued by the government of the Czech Republic, they are interrupting the festival with immediate effect. This measure applies to all screenings and accompanying events, the afternoon school screenings, and the regional festivals. According to Ondřej Kamenický, the festival’s director: “After thoroughly discussing and analysing the entire situation, we have agreed to interrupt the festival at this point. We are thereby respecting the measures implemented by the Czech Minister of Health and the National Security Council.  At the moment, we are discussing the possibility of resuming the festival in the autumn.” If the future situation allows, we will resume the festival in several months. This would mean that films may once again be raining down on Prague in six months.

This morning, representatives of the National Security Council announced two new measures. As of Tuesday evening, all events with more than a hundred participants are forbidden. On Wednesday, all schools, with the exception of nursery schools, will be closed indefinitely. Both of these restrictions directly affect the One World Festival currently underway. In addition to afternoon and traditional evening screenings, One World also offers special morning screenings within the framework of the One World in Schools programme. Another important part of the festival also includes post-screening discussions with filmmakers and experts on the relevant subject - these are also being cancelled.  “Even before the festival started, we cancelled the trips of all guests from the high-risk areas monitored by WHO and the Czech government (this included guest from Italy and Paris). All other guests are remaining in Prague and departing according to their originally planned schedule”, says Ondřej Kamenický. He goes on to add that the festival’s organisers do not intend to cause panic, but that they are only responsibly reacting to official government orders.

In addition to traditional screenings at cinemas, the festival also offers films for downloading as a part of its Promítej i ty! / Get Your Audience! project. This platform allows viewers to legally watch high-quality documentary films free of charge. This project falls under the One World Festival, which negotiates and pays licensing fees to the owners of film copyrights, thus making it possible for the public to easily and without any concern download and screen all of the available documentaries. We will do our best to make sure that a selection of films from this year’s festival will be available as soon as possible, so that viewers may see some of them at least at home.

Viewers who would like to have their ticket prices refunded may either contact the individual cinemas by phone (contacts are provided below), or visit the relevant box offices in person.

We are not cancelling any interviews with the festival’s guests. Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact the festival’s media coordinator Nikola Páleníčková.

Last modified on 10-03-2020