One World Festival Moves its Films to the DAFilms.cz Online Cinema

The One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, whose organisers decided to interrupt the festival on Wednesday, 10 March, in order to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, will make its films available to viewers online. In cooperation with the DAFilms.cz online cinema, the festival will present the selected films from all of the festival’s categories which were scheduled to be screened during the remaining days of the festival. From Thursday, 12 March to Tuesday, 17 March, viewers will be able to watch the available documentaries on the dafilms.com and oneworld.cz websites from the comfort of their homes. On Friday, 13 March, the world premiere of the film Dog Love by Linda Kallistová Jablonská will be exclusively available online. The individual films are available for watching online for CZK 59 per film.

The One World Festival decided to interrupt the ongoing programme in response to the extraordinary measures implemented by the Czech National Security Council, and to postpone the remaining portion of the festival for several months. This forces the cancellation of the almost two hundred screenings scheduled through Saturday, 14 March. “We regret that the rest of the festival could not continue through to the end, but we are nevertheless glad that the filmmakers have accommodated us, and now, thanks to our collaboration with DAFilms we can offer viewers the remaining films online. We will try to prepare as many films that are available for this type of distribution as possible for our viewers,” says One World’s director Ondřej Kamenický.

“The current restriction of cultural activities is unpleasant for those who organise public events, filmmakers, and for the viewers themselves. We are glad that, despite all of these restrictions, we are able to offer current films to the general public for viewing in the comfort of their own homes, enriched by the films from the One Word Festival, whose dramaturgy has long reflected what is happening in the world,” adds Diana Tabakov, the executive director of DAFilms.

One of the films that was due to be premiered on 12 March was the film Dog Love by director Linda Kallistová Jablonská. In her documentary she reveals Jana Henychová's life with a dog pack. Jana embarks on one of the most difficult dog sled races in the barren countryside of Sweden. The film will be screened exclusively online at DAFilms.com only on Friday, March 13, when viewers will be able to watch it from 19:00 to 3:00.

Selected films from the One World festival

The films that have thus far been confirmed include Honeyland, the film about the Macedonian beekeeper Hatidze, which opened this year’s festival, and the Oscar-nominated documentary For Sama, which records the harsh wartime reality of Aleppo, Syria, and was made to serve as a testimony for the filmmaker’s daughter. Both documentaries will be distributed in the Czech Republic by Artcam Films. Viewers can also look forward to films that had not yet been screened at the festival prior to its interruption. These include the documentary The Happiest Man on Earth — this Finnish film with an ironic title shows the overworked and frustrated men that also live in a country of emancipated and self-confident women. The time-lapse documentary Ninosca captures forty years in the life of a Nicaraguan woman who decides to stand up to her violent husband and a machismo culture. The online screening is an international premiere of the film. The German film Progress in the Valley of the People Who Don’t Know takes viewers to a remote corner of Saxony, where, during an integration course held in the building of a failed factory, former employees meet Syrian refugees who until recently had been living in the dilapidated building. What if there were an effective weapon for the battle against malaria that anyone could simply grow in their garden? The documentary The Fever explores specifically this question. The online screening is an international premiere of the documentary.

How does the online cinema work

Starting Thursday, 12 March, all of the competing films from the festival’s various categories will gradually start to be presented within the context of the special programme “One World in Your Living Room” on the DAFilms.cz streaming portal. Viewers will also be able to watch films on the jedensvet.cz website under the same conditions. Individual films can be viewed online for CZK 59 per film.  The majority of the films will be available with English, or as applicable, Czech subtitles.

List of confirmed films and the date of their availability online:

For Sama – 12 March 

Honeyland – 12 March

The Happiest Man on Earth – 12 March

Ninosca – 12 March 

Progress in the Valley of the People Who Don’t Know – 12 March 

The Fever – 12 March 

Doggy love — 13 March from 7 PM till 3 AM

Discount Workers – 13 March 

Beyond the Salween River – 13 March

Face the Music in Kazakhstan — 13 March 

Town of Glory — 13 March 

XY Chelsea — 13 March 

School of Seduction — 13 March

We will be adding more films. For an up-to-date list of available films, visit oneworld.cz and dafilms.com

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Last modified on 20-03-2020