Gdynia Polish Film Festival Competition Spotlight: I Am Yours

    Mariusz Grzegorzek returns to cinema with I Am Yours, a psychological drama about the human struggle for love and dignity.

    {mosimage}I Am Yours is an intimate psychological drama based on a Canadian play by Judith Thomson. The movie follows events centered around Martha, a thirty-year-old doctor who leaves an unsuccessful marriage and has an impulsive affair with a young criminal Arthur, despite her contempt for him. The reckless fling results in a pregnancy, which will become the catalyst of the emotional cluster created around Martha. Her husband Jack desperately tries to win her back, her sister Alice fights to help her despite her own emotional problems, and Arthur wants to save the unborn baby, whose faith is still undecided.

    The movie was produced by KRAKATAU ( www.krakatau.pl ) with the support of the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl) and The City Lodz Office Film Fund.

    {mosimage}"The shoot took place between the 26th of August and 29th of August 2008 and was realized a 100% in Łódź," Barbara Grzegorzek, the producer from KRAKATAU, told FNE. "The final budget of the project is 1.5 million PLN with 1 million PLN financing from the Polish Film Institute, 300,000 PLN from the City Office of Lodz and 200,000 from KRAKATAU."

    Mariusz Grzegorzek, a film professor and renowned Polish theater and film director returns to the cinema with this title, after a long period of theatre projections. I Am Yours gathers a talented cast of Polish actors with a strong background both in film and theater, including Małgorzata Buczkowska-Szlenkier, Roma Gąsiorowska, Dorota Kolak, Mariusz Ostrowski, and Ireneusz Czop.

    {mosimage}"We are just beginning the film festival campaign for this title. Before the screenings in Poland an international premiere of the movie took place on September 3 during the World Film Festival in Montreal, where it was invited to the main competition for the Grand Prix of the Americas. The next international festival screening will take place during the Asian film festival in Pusan, where I Am Yours was entered in the World Cinema Section presenting the most interesting, trend setting international productions," Grzegorzek told FNE. "We are in the middle of talks with Polish distribution companies, and we hope that during the PFF in Gdynia we will finalize a deal and open in Polish cinemas late Autumn 2009," she adds.

    Director - Mariusz Grzegorzek
    Screenplay - Mariusz Grzegorzek
    Based on the stage play I Am Yours by Judith Thompson
    Cinematography - Szymon Lenkowski
    Production Design - Mariusz Grzegorzek
    Costume Design - Magdalena Moskwa
    Make-up - Katarzyna Dacko
    Film Editing - Mariusz Grzegorzek
    Sound - Radosław Ochnio, Mariusz Grzegorzek
    Producer - Barbara Grzegorzek

    Martha - Małgorzata Buczkowska-Szlenkier
    Alice - Roma Gąsiorowska
    Irene - Dorota Kolak
    Jack - Mariusz Ostrowski
    Arthur - Ireneusz Czop

    Production contact:
    KRAKATAU SP. Z O.O, Łódź, ul. Kamińskiego 29/12, tel./fax +48 42 678 8536, 600 377728,
    email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Last modified on 21-07-2012