Festivals:Potoroz festival of Slovenian Films opens

    The 12th Festival of Slovenian Film is taking place in Portorož October 1-3, with an overview of the Slovenian film production from the past year, culminating in the national Vesna Awards for filmmaking.

    This year, 74 film projects applied for the festival, including 23 features, 17 medium‑length and 34 short films. The selection of the films was carried out by Mr. Jože Dolmark, who included 9 features, 5 medium‑length and 25 short films in the competition programme, while 7 features and 3 medium‑length films qualified for the overview programme.

    Five features will be presented to the audience and expert jury, most of them for the first time: Slovenian Girl by director Damjan Kozole, Personal Baggage by Janez Lapajne, 9:06 by Igor Šterk, Couples at Stake by Miran Zupanič and the youth film Distortion by Miha Hočevar. The celebration in honour of the annual Slovenian film production will also be marked by three full‑length documentaries in the competition programme: Alma M. Karlin by Marta Frelih, Damian's Room by Jasna Krajinović and Sky Too High, Soil Too Hard by Rudi Uran.

    At the opening ceremony on October 1, the highest professional acknowledgement - the Badjura Award for Lifetime Achievement in the field of cinematography - will be given to director Mako Sajko.

    At the closing ceremony on October 3, the Vesna Awards will be given to the best creative achievements in 17 different categories awarded by the expert jury. The jury for the Vesna Awards consists of the following Slovenian filmmakers: director Milan Ljubić, screenwriter Branko Šömen, actress Aleksandra Balmazović, screenwriter Ana Lasić and editor Janez Bricelj.

    Besides the Vesna Awards, the following acknowledgements will also be granted at the festival: the Stop Award given by the jury of the Stop magazine, the Award for Best Student Film given by the Svet film company, the Kodak Award for Best Photography, and the Film Critics and Publicists Award for Best Film.

    The festival is organised by the Slovenian Film Fund.

    Last modified on 29-11-2009