The EDN Financing Guide is online

    The complete EDN Financing Guide, the comprehensive tool for locating international financing for documentaries, is now available in a searchable online edition. The online financing guide provides an effective shortcut to finding international funding for your next documentary. Now you can search it in detail online at http://www.edn.dk/financing.

    The EDN Financing Guide is covering a variety of international financing sources useful for both funding projects in development and selling finished films. Among the included information in the guide are details and contact information on broadcasters, distributors, film funds and VOD platforms.

    The EDN Financing Guide contains precise information and contact details for:

    500+ documentary strands

    400+ documentary departments

    400+ comm. editors & buyers

    300+ distributors

    200+ film funds

    The EDN Financing Guide is an essential tool for documentary filmmakers, producers, distributors and program sellers working on the international market. The guide provides documentary professionals with the information needed to navigate in the evolving landscape of documentary financing, where new approaches to funding and distribution have become increasingly important.

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    Over the years many documentary professionals have appreciated the significant information and precise contact details included in the guide. Among them are Canadian Filmmaker, Critic and Mentor Peter Wintonick, who says:

    I am not the most "spiritual" man in the world, although I have read all of the great religious Texts religiously. But for those in the secular humanist faith called Documentary, The EDN Financing Guide is our bible.

    Here we have gathered more statements on The EDN Financing Guide from leading documentary professionals.


    The EDN Financing Guide, which has been released since 1993, is edited and released by EDN - European Documentary Network. EDN is a member-based organisation for documentary professionals with 1000+ members. The organisation supports, stimulates and creates networks within the documentary sector in Europe and beyond.

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