Prize money rise at Cottbus FilmFestival

    Cottbus, 28th of July 2010

    The Cottbus FilmFestival announces prize money rise for the anniversary edition at the ENH in Wroclaw

    On Tuesday, 27 July 2010, the Cottbus FilmFestival held a reception at the largest film festival in Poland, the Era Nowe Horyzonty in Wroclaw, for the first time. At the festival club Arsenal the organizing agency pool production and all representatives of the festival office did welcome numerous well-known producers, directors and actors for the "Cottbus Cocktail". In his speech during the reception the director of the festival Era Nowe Horyzonty, Roman Gutek, called the Cottbus festival "the world's most important film festival for the East European film," and described it as a place to which he likes to return time and again.

    The Cottbus festival director Roland Rust could announce that at the 20th anniversary edition the prize money will be increased. Thanks to the generous financial support of the Society for the perception of film and television rights (GWFF) the prize money for best film will be 20,000€ instead of 18,000€ this year. The main prize is divided equally between the director and the producers of the winning film. GWFFs managing director Gerti Müller-Ernstberger justified this step by saying that the increased importance of the festival should get its equal financial consideration.

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