Bulgaria’s National Film Center Increases Funding

By FNE Staff
    SOFIA: Bulgaria's main film body, the National Film Center (NFC, www.nfc.bg) announced that it will double the amount of money available for the first round of grants in 2012, from 900,000 euros to 1.8 million euros.

    Several film organizations had protested the initial amount. NFC acting director Irina Kanusheva and Minister of Culture Vejdi Rashidov (www.mc.government.bg) responded by greenlighting a request to increase the funds.

    Grants are to be distributed as follows: feature films will receive 1.8 million euros; documentaries will receive 250 000 euros; animated films will receive 150,000 euros; and coproductions will receive 250,000 euros.

    A larger number of projects are expected to be selected for funding, with results to be announced at the end of May.Over 80 projects applied for the first session.

    The increase in funding for the first round does not guarantee an increase of funds available for the entire year, which is still below the amount required by law.