PRODUCTION: Milko Lazarov in Development with Nanook

    Nanook by Milko Lazarov Nanook by Milko Lazarov

    SOFIA: Milko Lazarov, whose minimalist, almost dialogue-free low budget debut film Alienation became Bulgaria’s 2013 creative surprise, is developing Nanook produced by his company Red Carpet.

    According to the director, who co-wrote the script with Simeon Ventsislavov, the story takes place in “the wilderness of Greenland” and the main characters are “aged Inuits Nanook and his wife Sedna, who live in an igloo, having chosen the old way of living in the changing world around them.”

    “I am interested in how these Eskimos, who survive in conditions unbearable for modern people, have succeeded in conserving the delicacy in their interpersonal relations and perceive life with smiles and sympathy,” Lazarov told FNE. He intends to stay faithful to his personal style and wishes to narrate the film “lightly, with long shots, as a delicate observation with classical vision and compositions in the frame.”

    Nanook was selected for a 12,500 EUR development grant by the Bulgarian National Film Center. It was among the winners of the 11th edition of the Sofia Film Meetings receiving the Mediterranean Film Institute scholarship and thee 4,000 EUR Synchro post-production service award. After its selection at the Moscow Business Square, Nanook is now one of the six projects included in the forthcoming CineLink Co-Production Market.

    Production information:
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