PRODUCTION: Iglika Trifonova in Postproduction with False Witness

    False Witness by Iglika Trifoniva False Witness by Iglika Trifoniva

    SARAJEVO: Bulgaria’s award-winning Iglika Trifoniva (Letter to America, Investigation) is in postproduction with her Hague Tribunal fiction False Witness, an ambitious coproduction between Bulgaria’s Klass Film , Holland’s Phanta Vision and Sweden’s Filmlance.

    The nearly 2 m EUR budget includes public support from the national institutions of the countries involved in the coproduction.

    The film, dedicated to one of the first and crucially important cases of the Hague Tribunal against a Serbian war criminal responsible for the massacre of Bosnian Muslim civilians, was shot in Sarajevo, Amsterdam, Malmö and Ystad. The Hague Tribunal itself was built-up in the Swedish Ystad Studios, where the director and her international crew worked for three weeks.

    According to producer Rositza Valkanova and Trifonova, close friends in life and working as a team for a long time, the “cast and the crew come from eight different countries.” For the first time they are working on a film shot entirely outside Bulgaria.

    "We are often asked whether False Witness repeats the issues raised in Storm (2009) by Hans-Christian Schmidt. It does not, of course, repeat Storm, which we highly appreciate, but even if the themes of the two films seem similar it is the point of view that makes a film something more than just a story. False Witness is our point of view; we are not the victims, nor the aggressors, nor the judges. But we are from the Balkans; we want to say what we think about the way the West presumes to have the ultimate right to judge, without really knowing us,” Trifonova and Valkanova told FNE.

    The film, which stars Romane Bohringer, Samuel Froler, Krassimir Dokov, Ovaness Torosian, Nermina Lukac and Labina Mitevska, is one of seven works selected by the Cinelink Work in Progress programme.

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