PRODUCTION: Bulgarian Director Stanislav Donchev In Postproduction With Letters from Antarctica

    Irmena Chichikova in Letters from Antartica by Stanislav Donchev Irmena Chichikova in Letters from Antartica by Stanislav Donchev

    SOFIA: Bulgarian Director Stanislav Donchev is in postproduction with his third feature film Letters from Antarctica, a deep psychological drama about a single mother incapable of confessing to her eight year-old son that his father died in a car accident. The film stars Bulgarian famous actress Irmena Chichikova.

    In order to justify the parent’s absence the mother maintains a false version of him as being away on an Antarctic expedition, but once discovered, the lie becomes unbearable for the son. Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova and Georgi Ivanov wrote the script.

    “Our main character is a young woman living a post-mortem trauma. She is incapable of  overcoming her fear of pain. But it is not our goal to judge her. Although the consequences from her wrong decision are far from being innocent, we prefer to make people believe that self-therapy is possible”, Stanislav Donchev told FNE.

    Irmena Chichikova plays the role of the mother with Simeon Angelov as her son. “Irmena Chichikova is extremely sensitive and convincing next to the lively and organic Simeon Angelov. Their dramatic couple is a real gift for me”, Donchev also said.

    Maya Baburska, Ivan Stamenov, Diana Dimitrova and famous Polar explorer prof. Christo Pimpirev are also part of the cast.

    Stanislav Donchev’s Dynaminc Arts is producing with the support of the Bulgarian National Film Center. The budget is nearly 850,000 EUR.

    Developed with the participation in the ScripTeast programme.

    Shooting took place in two steps in January and March 2017. The Museum of Paleontology and Historical Geology and The National Museum of Natural History were among the most important shooting locations alongside Sofia’s main airport, the underground, various parks and schools.

    Production Information:
    Dynamic Arts
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    Director: Stanislav Donchev
    Scriptwriters: Teodora Markova, Nevena Kertova, Georgi Ivanov
    DoP: Martin Dimitrov
    Production designer: Boriana Mincheva
    Costume designer: Adriyana Naydenova
    Cast: Irmena Chichikova, Simeon Angelov, Maya Baburska, Ivan Stamenov, Diana Dimitrova, Christo Pimpirev