FNE at Golden Rose National Film Festival 2018: My Sister’s Silence

    My Sister's Silence by Kiran Kolarov My Sister's Silence by Kiran Kolarov

    VARNA: Kiran Kolarov’s feature My Sister’s Silence will screen in the main competition of the 36th Golden Rose National Film Festival (27 September - 4 October 2018). The film explores broken communication between the members of an unusual family.

    The script written by Kolarov tells the story of a young autistic woman Andy, who never leaves the pavement in front of her house. The only person she still communicates with is her brother Theo. One day she meets Dinko, who adores playing the clarinet, and falls in love with him.

    My Sister’s Silence was practically reborn during the shooting. For sure, this is the most intuitive film I ever made. It is not only about broken communication, it is also about love, sacrifice and forgiveness,” Kolarov told FNE.

    The film stars the beloved Bulgarian actor Ovanes Torosyan as Dinko and newcomer Katrin Stareishinska as Andy. Popular actors Deyan Donkov, Mihail Mutafov and Fani Kolarova also give strength to the cast.

    Shooting took place in the summer of 2017 and lasted for six weeks. The main location was an old house in the very center of Sofia. A horrible bunker for homeless people and a miserable looking ex-state owned cinema theatre contribute to the atmosphere of the film, lensed by DoP Vesselin Hristov.

    “During postproduction I passed a lot of time shading the colors. I really needed a poetical vision,” Kolarov added.

    Kolarov produced the film through his company Kolar in coproduction with Gala Film. The Bulgarian National Film Center supported the film with a grant of nearly 500,000 EUR.

    The domestic release is planned for 2019.

    Production Information:
    Kolar – Kiran Kolarov
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    Gala Film

    Director: Kiran Kolarov
    Scriptwriter: Kiran Kolarov
    DoP: Vesselin Hristov
    Music: Kiril Donchev
    Cast: Nikola Georgiev, Katalin Stareishinska, Ovanes Torosyan, Deyan Donkov, Fani Kolarova