GRANTS: Bulgaria Announces Second Production Grants for 2018


    SOFIA: The Bulgarian National Film Center distributed 1,804,860 EUR / 3,530,000 BGN to 10 feature films including two feature films with higher budgets, two feature films with lower budgets, two debut features and four short films. Two minority coproductions will share an additional amount of 153,388 EUR / 300,000 BNG.

    These minority coproductions are Konstantin Bojanov’s As I Close My Eyes, coproduced by Switzerland’s AKKA Films, France’s Urban Factory and Bulgaria’s Klas Film, and Mladen Đorđević’sLabour Day, coproduced by Serbia’s Corona Film, Greece’s Homemade Films and Bulgaria’ Agitprop.

    As Bulgaria’s NFC is not allowed, since 1 January 2018, to sign agreements with producers before the state film aid scheme is brought in line with the European Commission Communication on State Aid for Films and Other Audiovisual Works (2013/C 332/01), the decision of the selection committee will enter into force after the completion of the legal procedure.

    Click HERE to see the grants chart.