Sofia Meetings Takes Place Online for the Second Time


    SOFIA: The 18th edition of the Sofia Meetings coproduction market, set to take place from 17 to 24 March 2021 within the 25th Anniversary Sofia International Film Festival, will be held online, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. In less than a year, the organisers of the event are forced to do so for the second time, as its previous edition took place in July 2020 instead of March 2020.

    The total number of the participating projects is 43, up from 38 in 2020.

    The Second Film Projects selection contains ten projects, six of them coming from FNE countries. The Plus Minus One Projects section for first and third films consists of 13 projects, five of which come from FNE countries.

    There are 12 projects in the Projects in Bank section, and eight in the First Film First section.

    The Works in Progress section comprises 17 features, five documentaries and seven short films.

    For the first time a selection of TV series projects will be presented to over 120 participants.

    Second Film Projects:

    Cold as Marble (Azerbaijan, France)
    Directed by Asif Rustamov
    Produced by Baku Media Center, Arizona Productions

    Frost (Serbia)
    Directed by Pavle Vuckovic
    Produced by Plan 9

    Gregorius the Chosen One (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Tomasz Mielnik
    Produced by Background Films

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Ukraine)
    Directed by Antonio Lukich
    Produced by ForeFilms

    Maya (Cyprus)
    Directed by Tonia Mishiali
    Produced by Bark Like a Cat Films
    Selected in partnership with MFI

    Medium (Greece)
    Directed by Christina Ioakeimidi
    Produced by Ekso Productions

    Sage (Albania)
    Directed by Gentian Gjikopulli
    Produced by Bunker Film+

    Sand Chronicles (Serbia, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Petar Ristovski
    Produced by Living Pictures
    Coproduced by Gala Film

    The Eagle of Barwaq (France, Canada)
    Directed by Kiarash Anvari
    Produced by Front Film
    Sweet Delight Pictures, Arizona Productions

    The Most Beautiful Woman I Ever Killed (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Asen Blatechki
    Produced by Front Film

    Plus Minus One

    I'll Be Gone In June (Germany)
    Directed by Léa Germain
    Produced by Road Movies

    Feline (Greece)
    Directed by Memi Koupa
    Produced by Blonde

    Djahmet (North Macedonia)
    Directed by Georgi M. Unkovski
    Produced by Cinema Futura, Sektor Film

    Figuring Love (Israel)
    Directed by Avner Matsliah
    Produced by Black Sheep Film

    Grace for Sale (Turkey)
    Directed by Emre Sert, Gozde Yetiskin
    Produced by Guverte Film

    My Father’s Shoes (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Hristo Simeonov
    Produced by Contrast Films

    The Genesis Hotel & Spa (UK)
    Directed by Ali Jaberansari
    Produced by Here & There Productions

    The Glass House (Ukraine)
    Directed by Taras Dron
    Produced by Directory Films

    Takotsubo (Israel, France)
    Directed by Miki Polonski
    Produced by MINA Films
    Coproduced by Kinoelektron

    The Subletter (Germany)
    Directed by Caspar Newbolt
    Produced by Valerie Steinberg Production

    The Talentless (Serbia)
    Directed by Radivoje Bukvić
    Produced by Prikaz Film

    The Bloc (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Viktor Chouchkov
    Produced by Chouchkov Brothers

    The Great Match (Poland)
    Directed by Filip Syczyński
    Tarik Hachoud (producer)
    Produced by Match & Spark
    Selected in partnership with EAVE

    Projects In Bank:

    69 Meters / AKA 22 Meters (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stefan Denolyubov
    Produced by Geopoly Film

    Aqua Vita (Turkey)
    Directed by Abdullah Sahin
    Produced by Filmcode Production

    Bongoland (Spain)
    Directed by Adrian Silvestre
    Produced by Alba Sotorra Cinema Productions

    Catane (Romania)
    Directed by Ioana Micshie
    Produced by Studioset
    Selected in partnership with Apulia Film Forum

    Dirty Land (Portugal)
    Directed by Luis Campos
    Produced by Bro Cinema

    Hello (Turkey)
    Directed by Aren Perdeci, Ela Alyamaç
    Produced by Kara Kedi Film

    Lee Chun (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stefan Tenev
    Produced by Bright Films

    Plateau (Germany, Bulgaria, UK)
    Directed by Ilian Metev
    Produced by Chaconna Films

    Summer’s End (Russia)
    Directed by Natalia Posovalova
    Produced by Passenger Film Studio

    The Elevator (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Yassen Grigorov
    Produced by Chouchkov Brothers

    The Convulsions (France, Spain, Portugal)
    Directed by David Gutierrez Camps
    Produced by IMY Prod, Timber Films, La Cinetica, Persona Non Grata

    Usud (Serbia)
    Directed by Stefan Malešević
    Set Sail Films

    First Film First Projects:

    A Deserted Kiss (Turkey)
    Directed by Murat Uğurlu
    Produced by Asena Bulduk

    Apollon By Day Athena By Night (Turkey)
    Directed by Emine Yildirim
    Produced by Dilde Mahalli

    Blue Banks (Romania)
    Directed by Andreea Borțun
    Produced by Atelier de Film

    Embryo (Serbia)
    Directed by Maša Šarović
    Produced by Jelena Šoškić

    Glory (Greece)
    Directed by Konstantinos Antonopoulos  
    Produced by Fani Skartouli

    Lost Years (Slovenia)
    Directed by Aron Horvath Botka

    Night Waves (Croatia)
    Directed by Filip Heraković
    Produced by Tamara Babun, Matija Drniković

    Yugo Florida (Serbia)
    Directed by Vladimir Tagić
    Produced by Marija Stojanović

    Works in Progress:

    Fiction Feature Films

    Bo Nan Za (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Andrey Getov
    Produced by CineEye Pictures, Mono Collective

    Chamla (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Victor Bojinov
    Produced by Gala Film

    How I Learned To Fly (Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Radivoje Andrić
    Produced by Sense Production, Kinorama, Silverart, Art Fest

    I Am Fine, Thanks (Lithuania)
    Directed by Ernestas Jankauskas 
    Produced by Dansu Films

    Jiri (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Petya Yossifova 
    Ivan Tonev (producer)
    Produced by Ars Digital Studio

    Mimi (North Macedonia)
    Directed by Darijan Pejovski 
    Produced by Skopje Film Studio

    Miss Futuro (Spain)
    Directed by Antonio Morales
    Produced by Antonio Morales PC

    Petya of My Petya (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Alexander Kossev
    Produced by Band of Friends Pictures

    φ1.618 (Bulgaria, Canada)
    Directed by Teo Ushev
    Produced by Peripeteia

    Rhino (Ukraine, Poland, Germany)
    Directed by Oleg Sentsov 
    Denis Ivanov, Oleg Sentsov, Dariusz Jablonski,
    Produced by Arthouse Traffic, Krai Kinema, Apple Film Production, Ma.Ja.De

    Rock. Scissors.Grenade. (Ukraine)
    Directed by Iryna Tsilyk
    Produced by Forefilms

    Snow White Dies At The End (North Macedonia)
    Directed by Kristijan Risteski
    Produced by Vertigo Visual

    Spring Equinox (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivan Pavlov
    Produced by АРТ 47 / Red Carpet

    The Good Driver (Finland, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Tonislav Hristov 
    Produced by Making Movies Oy

    The Short Straw (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimiter Petkov
    Produced by Ars Digital Studio

    The Word (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
    Directed by Beata Parkanová (director)
    Produced by love.FRAME, Azyl Production, Bontonfilm Studios

    Veggie Garden In The Conflict Zone (Georgia)
    Directed by Besik Solomonashvili
    Produced by Bisstudia, Caucasian Film Service

    Documentary Films

    Before The End (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Eldora Traykova
    Produced by ProFilm

    Go Back (Germany, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Boris Despodov
    Produced by Pandora Film, Arthouse Blockbusters

    Sediments (Spain)
    Directed by Adrián Silvestre
    Produced by Testamento, Adrián Silvestre Films

    The Cars We Drove Into Capitalism (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov 
    Produced by Agitprop

    The Last Of The Seagulls (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Tonislav Hristov 
    Produced by Making Movies Oy


    Breathe (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Biser Jonev
    Produced by Chapla, Visionary Foundation

    From Here To There (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Georgi Martev
    Produced by Modern Minds Productions, Euro Films

    Good Night, Lily (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Peter Vulchev
    Produced by Equal

    Santiago (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Andrey Koulev
    Produced by Koulev Film Production

    Shell In Love (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Svilen Dimitrov
    Produced by Miramar Film

    Spell (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Victoria Karakoleva
    Produced by Four Elementz / Studio 1+1

    Whoever (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Milko Yovchev
    Produced by Replica