Bulgaria Closes Cinemas Till End of March

    Cinema House in Sofia Cinema House in Sofia

    SOFIA: All cinemas throughout the country will be closed from 22 March to 31 March 2021, due to the introduction of stricter anti COVID-19 measures.

    The ban on operating, even at 30% of their capacity as it was in February 2021, comes from the Ministry of Health. All visits to theatres, museums, restaurants and entertaining establishments also have to be suspended. Students will continue to study online and no more than 15 people will be allowed to attend private gatherings and celebrations. The restrictive measures come as a response to the increase of the number of people infected with COVID-19 and the higher number of hospitalised people with a confirmed coronavirus infection. In the last fourteen days, 483 people per 100 thousand were infected, ranking Bulgaria ninth in the European Union and third on the Balkan Peninsula.

    The current 25th Anniversary edition of the Sofia Film Fest seems to have more luck than in 2020, when the event became victim of the State of Emergency on 13 March. This year several films were shown in theatres at 30% of their capacity since 11 March 2021, when it kicked off. From 22 March 2021 till the end of the month the festival will have to go online again.

    The 18th Sofia Meetings will not be affected, as the industry event, happening at the moment, is already taking place online.