Bulgaria gains recognition for proEuropean work with two Erasmus awards


    The woman responsible for gaining two Erasmus EuroMedia Awards in 2007 from the Vienna-based European Society for Education and Communication says the last two years have been of great benefit for the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers, where she is responsible for creative projects.

    Iskra Dimitrova said the filmmakers' media production - "The Lessons of Film Art on European values, Role of Culture in Society, Power of Law and Civil Society" - received the Erasmus Euromedia Seal of Approval 2007, while the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers won the Erasmus Euromedia Country Focus award.

    The production was supported by the European Commission in Bulgaria (www.evropa.bg/en/del), the Matra/KAP programme of the Netherlands embassy in Sofia (www.netherlandsembassy.bg) and the Swiss Cultural Program Bulgaria (www.pro-(helvetia.bg). The programme comprised 12 booklets containing lessons on the European Union and comparative studies of 12 European and 12 Bulgarian feature films. There were also six booklets on "Justice for Everyone."

    ESEC awards the Erasmus EuroMedia Prizes for programmes, products or productions in all kinds of media and media formats, which critically support the European Discourse regarding interpretations of its objectives; and which pursue educational goals regarding European values.

    Dimitrova said the texts were also published in 10 issues of "Kino" magazine published by the Union of Bulgarian Film Makers. Separately, she has produced 62 web pages on the filmmakers' website (www.filmmakersbg.org) on the theme "The Power of the Law and Civil Society and the Lessons of the Art of Cinema."

    She said this site is visited frequently by large numbers of readers whose occupations are far removed from the film business.

    "That's the best proof for us that the European spirit of our project reaches more and more people in Bulgaria and that cinema and the Internet are the strongest means to spread European ideas," she said.