28 Croatian Cinemas to be Digitalized by Autumn


    ZAGREB: The Croatian Ministry of Culture  and the city government are investing 1,655,210 EUR/12,477,500 HRK into the digitalization of 29 independent cinemas from 18 counties and 27 towns over the next two months.

The effort is part of the National Program of Audiovisual Activities 2010-2014 and a strategic project launched by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the Ministry of Culture with support from local governments.

    Tina Hajon, project manager for the conversion, told FNE that progress on Croatian independent cinemas has advanced by several stages recently. “We didn’t define how many cinemas will enter the project," she said, "but we had a public call to which cinemas have applied" and applicants were selected based on merit. The Pula Film Festival is also being digitalized and another five film festivals will soon benefit, with cinema conversions starting this week and slated for completion by the end of the September. The 43 independent cinemas targeted are mostly owned by local authorities. Another 15 independent cinemas are multi-use facilities but the ministry plans to digitalize those that fulfill its criteria by the end of 2014.

    Digitalization is part of the CAC's strategy to "strengthen independent cinemas," and increase the screenings of European, Croatian and independent world titles to enrich diversity, according to Hajon.