WIDE Seals Croatian Deals

    Priest's Children - poster Priest's Children - poster

    The international sales company WIDE (formerly known as WIDE Management) announced sales of the Croatian box office and critical success Priest’s Children as well as a new VOD partnership in Croatia.

    Priest’s Children has racked up recent sales in South Korea (JMC Media), Poland (VIVARTO) for theatrical rights and Kino Swiat for home video/TV/pay-per-view/VOD rights), Brazil (Providence Filmes), Iceland/Norway (KIB Media), and the USA (Adopt Films). Priest’s Children has been sold in a total of ten territories, including Denmark (Reel Pictures REEL), Italy and Switzerland (Officine UBU), Sweden (Starlet Media), and Spain (Kiss Comunicacio).

    Eye on Film, a global network of film professionals developed by WIDE, has expanded its VOD activities to Croatia, partnering with Dailymotion, Avvantura Festival Zadar and Croatian Telecom. Eye on Film movies will be available on the online portal t-portal.hr tportal.hr as part of the MaxTV Filmofeel project.