Budisavljević in Production with Diana’s List

    Diana Budisavljević Diana Budisavljević

    ZAGREB: After the acclaimed Family Meals, Dana Budisavljević is working on a documentary with live action elements about Diana Budisavljević, a distant kin who was the greatest unhearalded rescuer of children during WWII.

    Director: Dana Budisavljević“The story came to me indirectly only few years ago and it was only then that I found that there is also a tiny family connection. I found about Diana during my visit to Jasenovac Memorial Area in 2010, where the director Nataša Jovičić told me the story and gave me Diana's diary”, Budisavljević told FNE.

    Of Austrian descent (born Obexer), Diana Budisavljević (1891-1978) came to Croatia following her husband, the famous surgeon Julije Budisavljevi, and led the humanitarian action involving some 20 participants who saved more than 10,000 children from the concentration camps of the Nazi puppet Independent State of Croatia between 1941 and 1945.

    Budisavljević is producing together with Miljenka Čogelja through Hulahop. Negotiations with Austrian and German coproducers are underway. The project had a 55,000 EUR development budget in grants from the Croatian Audiovisual Center, MEDIA Programme and City of Zagreb. The production budget is not yet finalised.

    The project won the EAVE European Producers Workshop Award for best project at the coproduction forum When East Meets West in Trieste in 2012.

    Most of the documentary testimonies were already shot during the development phase and they will be supplemented and finished during the production, representatives of Hulahop Ltd told FNE. Fifteen shooting days for live action segments and 40 for documentary parts are planned. The live action segments will be shot in Croatia and Austria, but shooting will not wrap before winter 2014/2015. Jasenko Rasol is the DoP. The film will also use documents unseen so far and abundant archive footage.

    Diana’s List (http://www.pinterest.com/dianaslistmovie/dianas-list/) will have an 80 minute theatrical version and a 50 minute TV version. The premiere is set for the last quarter of 2015. There is no sales agent attached to the project yet.

    Hulahop is also in postproduction with Eva Kraljević’s mid-length documentary Mia, Myself and an Extra Chromosome, and it is developping Mija Pavliša’s long documentary The Witch in the Jaws of Life set to start shooting in June 2014. Bogomolje by Hrvoslava Brkušić is in script development phase. Hulahop Ltd. also organises the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb whose short edition 2014 will be held from 3 to 8 June, and the awards winning art project Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. It is also involved in film distribution.

    Production information

    Nova Ves 18, HR-10 000 Zagreb
    Phone: +385 (0)1 390 70 74
    Fax: +385 (0)1 466 64 43

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    Director: Dana Budisavljević
    Script: Dana Budisavljević
    DoP: Jasenko Rasol