Sharp Decline in Domestic Film Admissions in Croatia

    The Eighth Commissioner by Ivan Salaj The Eighth Commissioner by Ivan Salaj

    ZAGREB: Admissions to domestic films in Croatia decreased from 121,205 in 2017 to 55,709 in 2018, as the number of theatrically released domestic films dropped drastically from 16 in 2017 to seven in 2018.

    In consequence of the drop in admissions, the box office decreased from 372,407 EUR / 2,767,018 HRK in 2017 to 209,934 EUR / 1,559,829 HRK in 2018, according to Continental Film.

    Two of the seven films screened in cinemas in 2018 had their premiere in 2017, while the 16 films released in 2017 included 13 new releases and three films released in 2016.

    The most popular Croatian films in 2018 were The Eighth Commissioner / Osmi Povjerenik,  directed by Ivan Salaj and produced by Embrio Production (with 31,828 admissions) and Comic sans, directed by Nevio Marasović and produced by Kinorama (14,030 admissions).

    Total admissions in 2018 were approximately the same as in the previous year: 4,702,143, compared to 4,637,287 in 2017.

    The general top ten 2018 is topped by Bohemian Rhapsody (194,497 admissions), The Grinch (156,785) and A Star Is Born (132,153), according to Continental Film.