PRODUCTION: Petar Orešković Preps Children's Film about Nikola Tesla

    Young Tesla and Idea Poachers by Petar Orešković pitching Young Tesla and Idea Poachers by Petar Orešković pitching credit: Jaako dobra produkcija

    ZAGREB: Director Petar Orešković is preparing a feature film for children Young Tesla and Idea Poachers about Nikola Tesla, with the shooting set for 2020. The film is a Croatian/Slovenian/Austrian/Serbian/Czech coproduction.

    The film is produced by Siniša Juričić of Nukleus Film in cooperation with Jaako Dobra Produkcija and in coproduction with Studio Virc (Slovenia), Dor film (Austria), Gargantua films (Serbia) and Sirena Film (Czech Republic).

    In the script co-written by Petar Orešković and Vanja Obad, the young inventor Nikola Tesla wants to illuminate the whole Austrian Empire with the power of electricity, but his experiments often get him into trouble.

    “I’d like to encourage young spectators to embrace learning and creating, and to never stop believing in the power of imagination,'' Orešković said in a statement.

    The Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) supported the project with a production grant of 512,510 EUR, while Film Center Serbia added a minority coproduction grant of 70,180 EUR. While in development, the project also received 50,000 EUR from Creative Europe – MEDIA and 8,000 EUR from the RE-ACT programme. Additional 14,000 EUR were awarded at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum.

    Production Information:

    Jaako dobra produkcija d.o.o. / Nukleus (Croatia)
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    Studio Virc (Slovenia)
    Dor film (Austria)
    Gargantua films (Serbia)
    Sirena Film (Czech Republic)

    Director: Petar Orešković
    Scriptwriters: Petar Orešković, Vanja Obad