PRODUCTION: Lukas Nola Films Croatian/Macedonian/Kosovan Black Comedy Drama

    Escort by Lukas Nola Escort by Lukas Nola credit: Kinorama

    ZAGREB: Filming on the Croatian/Macedonian/Kosovan coproduction Escort directed by Lukas Nola and produced by Kinorama began in Croatia in mid-October 2021. The film is being shot at several locations in Zagreb and its surroundings, as well as in Zagorje, Gorski Kotar, Mošćenička Draga and Opatija.

    Escort is a modern blend of black comedy drama and crime thriller, following the story of a commercial producer who ends up in trouble after spending a night with a sex worker. The end of filming is scheduled for 22 November. The premiere is expected for mid-2022, in time for the Pula Film Festival.

    The film was financed by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre on all stages, including 532,500 EUR / 4m HRK for production and an additional 80,000 EUR / 600,000 HRK for production that could not be completed in time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-funding was granted by the Croatian Radiotelevision, the North Macedonia Film Agency and the Kosovo Cinematography Center.

    Production Information:

    Escort by Lukas Nola, credit: KinoramaHrvoje Pervan
    Kinorama (Croatia)
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    Tomi Salkovski
    Skopje Film Studio (North Macedonia)
    Fatmir Spahiu
    Buka Production (Kosovo)

    Director: Lukas Nola
    Scriptwriters: Lukas Nola
    DoP: Frane Pamić
    Cast: Živko Anočić, Hrvojka Begović, Krešimir Mikić, Nikša Butijer, Igor Kovač, Hrvoje Barišić