BOX OFFICE: The Diary of Pauline P. Has Second Best Opening for a Children Film in Croatian History

    The Diary of Pauline P. by Neven Hitrec The Diary of Pauline P. by Neven Hitrec credit: Jaka Produkcija

    ZAGREB: Croatian feature film The Diary of Pauline P. / Dnevnik Pauline P., directed by Neven Hitrec and produced by Jaka produkcija, had 13,485 admissions in its first weekend of cinema distribution (23 – 26 March 2023). The Croatian Ministry of Science and Education issued a recommendation for the film to be included in the elementary school extracurricular.

    Led by the strong-performing young debutant Katja Matković, supported by experienced actors such as Igor Kovač, Judita Franković Brdar, Borko Perić and Ksenija Marinković, the film is a quirky, fast-paced comedy with fantastic elements, set in the fourth grade of an elementary school.

    The film is based on the very popular eponymous children’s novel by Sanja Polak.

    The Diary of Pauline P. was released by Jučer on 23 March 2023 and it is now screening throughout the country. Bosnian cinema premiere was held in the city of Mostar. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the film was released on the same date and by the same distribution company.

    This is the second best cinema opening of a Croatian children's feature film since the 1990s, with Šegrt Hlapić directed by Silvije Petranović and produced by Maydi film still holding the first place with 21,693 admissions in the first weekend of its release in 2013.