PRODUCTION: Committed in Preproduction in Cyprus

    Photo via www.committedmovie.com Photo via www.committedmovie.com

    NICOSIA: Writer/director Stelana Kliris will begin shooting Committed a small budget romantic comedy and road movie on 24 May 2013. 

    She is producing the film together with Marios Piperides through the company AMP Filmworks from Cyprus.

    Committed will be shot in English during 20 day shooting schedule. The story involves two main characters, a man who hits the road after a fight with his girlfriend about his inability to commit, and a young woman who has just run out of her wedding and hitches a ride with him through the beautiful landscapes of Cyprus.

    The film stars Melia Kreiling and Orestis Sophocleous, with Stephan Metzner as DoP. Marios Piperides told FNE that the film is financed from private sources, and that he would like to have it finished by September or October 2013, and then to start sending it to festivals. 

    Production Information

    AMP Filmworks

    Agias Elenis 4

    Office 603

    Lefkosia, 1060


    Phone: + 357 22 875187

    Fax: +357 22 875186

    Cell: +357 99 337685


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    Director: Stelana Kliris
    Script: Stelana Kliris

    DoP: Stephan Metzner

    Cast: Melia Kreiling 

          Orestis Sophocleous