PRODUCTION: Forgotten Brides Going into Production

    Yeliz Shukri Yeliz Shukri

    NICOSIA: Writer/director Yeliz Shukri is investigating the fate of thousands of Turkish-Cypriot girls sold into marriage between 1920 and 1940 through the story of one of them. 

    Fetime Mentesh was exchanged for 20 British Pounds at the age of 14 in 1935 and sent to marry in Palestine, never to see her homeland again. Mentesh’s destiny was uncovered through a search made by her great niece, Pembe Mentesh.

    This 60 minute documentary is completing development and will begin shooting. Yiorgos Rahmatoulin is the DoP. Forgotten Brides is produced by Stavros Papageorghiou through his company Tetraktys Films. It is co-financed by Cyprus Cinema Advisory Committee/Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. The project is also supported by the MEDIA Development Programme.

    Half of the budget of 200,000 EUR is already in place and the other half is expected to be covered by broadcast presales and coproduction, Papageorghiou told FNE. The research took place during 18 months in Cyprus, Palestine/Israel, Jordan and the UK. The film will shoot ten days in Israel/Palestine in September 2013 and then another ten days in Cyprus. It is set to be finished at the end of 2013, with the premiere expected in 2014. Psefionline is handling sales.


    Production Information

    Tetraktys Films

    95 Kerynia avenue, apt 201, 2113 Aglanjia

    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Phone: +357 99 694407    

    Fax:  +357 22 339286  


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    Director: Yeliz Shukri

    Script: Yeliz Shukri

    DoP: Yiorgos Rahmatoulin