FESTIVALS: International Short Film Festival of Cyprus Announces Lineup


    LIMASSOL: The 5th International Short Film Festival of Cyprus will screen 12 Cypriot films and 57 international films from 17 to 23 October 2015.

    All the films will compete for the first and second place in the following categories: Best Short Film, Best Director Award, Best Documentary Award and Student Jury Award for Best Music Video.

    The 12 Cypriot films will also be competing for the first and second prize for Best National Film. Three local film companies (MS Viewpoint Ltd., Full Moon Productions and Sklavis Film Lab) will award three Cypriot films with production and postproduction services.

    The festival is organized by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Rialto Theatre.


    Directed by Alexis Chaviaras

    Directed by Alexandra Matheou

    Directed by Renos Gavris

    Cinderella’s Story
    Directed by George Kyriakou

    Forever Young
    Directed by Spyros Charalambous

    Directed by Michael Hapeshis

    Directed by Stelios Kammitsis

    The Midnight Shift
    Directed by Andreas Kyriakou

    Directed by Christos Nikolaou

    Directed by Marios Piperides

    Random Attempts
    Directed by Vasvi Ciftcioglu and Dogus Ozokutan

    Out of Sight
    Directed by David Hands & Christina Georgiou


    Ogasawara (Georgia)
    Directed by Tato Kotetishvili

    Fruhling (Austria)
    Directed by Michael Podogil

    Giovanni and the Water (Netherlands)
    Directed by Astrid Bussink

    Dear Domenico (UK, Italy)
    Directed by Kate Jessop

    Somand (Denmark)
    Directed by Gabriel Tzafka

    Our Father’s Sons (Denmark)
    Directed by Ulaa Salim

    Give Me Back My Shine (UK)
    Freedom and Independence by Bjorn MelhusDirected by Abraham Papacosta

    Inside Me (Germany)
    Directed by Dmitry Zakharov

    Freedom and Independence (Germany)
    Directed by Bjorn Melhus

    Ave Maria (France, Spain, Palestine)
    Directed by Basil Khalil

    Crow (UK)
    Directed by Yoav Segal

    Hole (Canada)
    Directed by Martin Edralin

    My Stuffed Granny (UK)
    Directed by Effie PappaAve Maria by Basil Khalil

    German Shepherd (Sweden)
    Directed by Nils Bergendal

    Princess (France)
    Directed by Marie-Sophie Chambon

    Traveling Lady – The Perfect Brand (USA)
    Directed by Jessica Mitrani

    The Best of Intentions (Sweden)
    Directed by Emil Jonsson

    While They Were Flying to the Moon (Serbia)
    Directed by Borisa Simovic

    I Can’t Wait (France)
    Directed by Claire Sichez

    Bang Bang! (France)
    Directed by Julien Bisaro

    Lay Susan (South Africa)
    Directed by Stephen Abbott

    Two Left Feet (Italy)
    Directed by Isabella Salvetti

    Integration (Ukraine)
    Directed by Olek

    Seven Boats (Iceland)
    Directed by Hlynur Palmason

    Role (Finland)
    Directed by Elli Toivoniemi and Jenni Kangasniemi

    Seven Times a Day We Bemoan our Lot and at Night we Get Up to Avoid Dreaming (Germany)
    Directed by Susann Maria Hampel

    The Atom Station (UK)
    Directed by Nick Jordan

    Reunion (Finland)
    Directed by Iddo Soskolne, and Janne Reinikainen

    Cenapse #1 (Iran)
    Directed by Arash Mobarrez and Ramin Rahimi

    Islet (Tuvalu)
    Directed by Andrew John Fakaua Ponton

    Missing by Ntare Guma Mbaho MwineMissing (Tanzania, Uganda)
    Directed by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine

    Quite Mujo (France)
    Directed by Ursula Meier

    Last Dance on the Main (Canada)
    Directed by Aristofanis Soulikias

    The Child (Veneuela)
    Directed by Valeria Valentina Bolivar

    Joanna (Greece)
    Directed by Panagiotis Fafoutis

    The Abandoning (Ireland)
    Directed by Vanessa Gildea

    Mirror in Mind (South Korea)
    Directed by Seung Hee Kim

    Tracks (UK)
    Directed by Claire Oakley

    Tranquility of Blood (Montenegro)
    Directed by Senad Sahmanovic

    Belief (USA)
    Directed by Calum Walter

    Greek School Prayer (Greece)
    Directed by Thanasis Neofotistos

    Wahllos (Germany)
    Directed by Riza-Rocco Avsar

    Villages of the Absent (Lebanon)
    Directed by Omar Shami Nasr

    Pim Poum the Little Panda (France)
    Directed by Alexis Michalik

    The Fish and I (Iran)
    Directed by Babak Habibifar

    Dust of Earth (Kyrgystan, USA)
    Directed by Cholponai Borubaeva

    Teeth (Hungary)
    Directed by Daniel Gray and Tom Brown

    Fliegen (Germany)
    Directed by Katharina Woll

    Always Tired (Germany)
    Directed by Jochen Kuhn

    Out of This World (Sweden)
    Directed by Viktor Nordenskiold

    Woman (Greece)
    Directed by Konstantinos Chaliasas

    Tatuape Mahal (Brazil)
    Directed by Fernanda Salloum and Carolina Markowicz

    Leftover (France)
    Directed by Tibor Banoczki and Sarolta Szabo

    The Passion of Judas (Spain)
    Directed by David Pantaleon

    Losers – a Film about Loss (Netherlands)
    Directed by Arianne Hinz

    To Dust (USA)
    Directed by Daniel Winne

    A Short Film about Wong Kar-wai (Turkey, Greece)
    Directed by Omer Capoglu and Serdar Onal