Czechs Move Forward with Tax Incentives Programme While Awaiting Ratification


    PRAGUE: Films which have applied for tax incentives under the Czech Film Industry Support Program (FISP) have until 18 January 2013 to record their applications at the Ministry of Culture while the industry waits for ratification of the Czech Film Law which came into force 1 January 2013.

    Recording projects is the second step in the process to receive tax incentives. Filing of new applications will not be dependent on the ratification of the Film Law, but can be funded after the European commission confirms that the part of the Film law dealing with film incentives is consistent with its rules regarding economic competition protection.

    Under the law, a new Cinematography Fund which will handle grants for Czech films and film-related activities will be established as an institution independent of the Czech Ministry of Culture. The former director of the Media and Audiovisual department of the Ministry of Culture Helena Bezděk Fraňková has been appointed the temporary director of the new Cinematography Fund until a new director is nominated by the Minister of Culture.

    The Ministry of Culture said it will take several months before the first calls for grants can be announced. For the time being the Fund is not supporting projects connected with the development, distribution or promotion of Czech films, festivals, publications or cinema digitalization projects.

    Information about the 2013 FISP registration process will be published on the new website of The State Fund of Cinematography (to be created) as well as at the website of The Ministry of Culture.