PRODUCTION: Czech Polish Journey to Rome in Production

    "Journey to Rome", photo via Background Films "Journey to Rome", photo via Background Films

    WARSAW/PRAGUE: Journey to Rome, a debut road-comedy directed by Prague-based Polish director Tomasz Mielnik, is in production.

    A FAMU Film School graduate, Mielnik tells the story of Waszek (Vaclav Hrzina) who works as a guard in the National Museum. Seduced by a beautiful woman he steals a valuable painting for her and sets off on a trip to Rome for a meeting with an art collector. The film concentrates on Waszek’s journey, the people he meets on the way, and the stories they tell him, which creates a colorful and diverse contemporary portrait of Western society.

    Journey to Rome is scheduled for thirty days of filming on locations in Prague, Central Czech Republic, Italy and Poland. Sound postproduction will take place in Poland.

    The film script was developed during MIDPOINT 2011 and MFI 2012 Film Workshops. The project was presented in Cieszyn during Kino Na Granicy Film Festival and FINALE 2012 Plzen Film Festival at Works in Progress.

    Journey to Rome is produced by the Czech production company Background Films and coproduced by Weronika Czołnowska’s EasyBusyProductions from Poland, FAMU and I/O Post from Czech Republic. Discussions are underway with Czech public broadcaster Česká Televise. Journey to Rome received 494,187 PLN (118,050 EUR) from the Polish Film Institute. The film’s budget is 2,373,906 PLN (567,065 EUR).

    The premiere has not been scheduled yet, but the film already has two distributors: Jan Bradac’s FALCON in the Czech Republic and SPECTATOR in Poland.

    Film’s teaser:

    Waszek: Vaclav Hrzina

    Director: Tomasz Mielnik
    Cinematographer: Jan Šuster
    Producer: Mikuláš Nowotný
    Coproducer: Weronika Czołnowska

    Contact Information:
    Background Films
    Korunni 1209/76
    Prague 10
    101 00 Czech Republic
    Phone: +420 777 910 290

    ul. Gdańska 115/8
    Łódź, 90-507
    Weronika Czołnowska
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