PRODUCTION: Martin and Venus Completes Production

    Photo via www.martinavenuse.cz Photo via www.martinavenuse.cz

    PRAGUE: Director Jiří Chlumský has completed production on the romantic comedy Martin a Venuše (Martin and Venus).

    The story covers 10 years in the life of Martin and his wife Vendula, who gives up her career as an artist to raise their three children. The two switch roles for a month, leaving Martin to be a househusband. The filmmakers dedicated the film to all women.

    The script was written by Kristina Dufková and Andrea Jarošová. The DoP is Asen Šopov.

    The leading roles are played by Marek Taclík and Kristýna Boková - Lišková, with Zuzana Stivínova Jan Budař and Tomáš Hanák in supporting roles.

    Martin and Venus is produced by Movie, which produced the commercial films Raftaci and Bobule, and the war drama Lidice. The 1.5 m EUR film received 156,000 from the Czech Film Industry Support Programme.

    Shooting was completed in November, and the release is scheduled for 14 March 2013.

    The film will be distributed by Bioscop in the Czech Republic and Magicbox in Slovakia.

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