PRODUCTION: Clownwise in Postproduction


    PRAGUE: Director Viktor Tauš has begun editing Klauni (Clownwise) based on a script by Peter Jarchovský and starring an international cast.

    Clownwise which Tauš describes as “a drama with comic characters” was filmed on locations in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Finland. The DOP was Milan Chadima.

    At the center of Jarchovský ‘s story is a trio of clown who were an oasis of freedom in communist Czechoslovakia. The three split up over a never forgiven fight. Thirty years later one of them returns from a long period of emigration and the trio is brought together one more time, re-staging the famous clown act that launched their career while trying to forgive one another. 

    The cast includes French actor Didier Flamand and comic star Julie Ferrier, Finnish actress Katie Outinen (known from Aki Kaurismaki´s films), and the popular and acclaimed Czech actors Jiří Lábus and Oldřich Kaiser.

    “The respect Kaiser and Lábus earned by their foreign colleagues was the reason these actors dedicated so much time and energy to our project.” the director said. 

    The film is produced by Fog’n’Desire Films, and coproduced by Czech TVSamastinor, Sokol Kollar, K Film, Tarantula Luxembourg and Kinosto Oy  with budget of 1.9 EUR.  

    The Czech distributor Falcon plans an October 2013 release.