Czech Lions Founder Examining Cosmic Questions Via Documentary

    Director Petr Vachler Director Petr Vachler

    PRAGUE: Petr Vachler, founder of the Czech Lions awards, has begun shooting his second film –  feature length documentary The Meaning and Mystery of Life (Tajemství a smysl života), in which he combines elements of animation, drama, documentary, fantasy and mystery.

    Vachler, who penned script, hopes to find answers to profound questions - such as what is the meaning of life or what is truly important in our personal lives - by interviewing people who have experienced clinical death or other out of body experience or have unconventional view on human life. Erich von Däniken, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paramhans svámí Mahéšvaránanda, Raymond Moody and Dan Millman are the kinds of sources of wisdom to be heard from.

    Radim Paluš is DoP with a cast including Jan Budař, Barbora Seidlová, Andrea Kerestešová and Josef Polášek. Production kicked off in 2012 and it now resume with shooting of dramatized segments.

    The budget is around 60 m CZK (2.3 m EUR) with release planned for autumn 2014. Meaning is registered with the State Cinematography Fund for incentives totalling CZK 4,548,940.

    Production information:

    VAC - Vachler Art Company
Chlumova 7
    130 00 Praha 3

    Tel.: +420 255 707 333

    fax: +420 255 707 303