PRODUCTION: Korean TV Crews Wrap in Ostrava

    Ostrava Ostrava

    PRAGUE: A 160 member film crew from South Korea's capital Soul has wrapped their 8-day shoot in Ostrava and Prague. The project, with working title International Market, is produced by Zik Lee of Korea's JK Film and directed by Jae Kyun Yoon, known for his commercial hit Tidal Wave (Haeundae), nominated for the Black Dragon Awards for best film and direction.

    Market is a love story, based on a true events, taking place in the 1960s, after the Korean War, when large numbers of Korean men and women were sent abroad for work, mainly in German mines. Ostrava, with its industrial coal locations, unique in Czech Republic, attracted the producers.

    Hana Vítková from the local film office FilmOstrava!!!which helped with location scouting and other local services, told FNE Ostrava benefited significantly from the shoot, as the film used local services, transport and accommodation and brought in jobs for  for 200 extras, half of which were  local Asians.

    Czech line producer Axman Production has a track record with Korean producers, having hosted the Korean hit TV series Loves in Prague.

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