Czech Films Find Local Fans

    Babovresky by Zdenek Troska Babovresky by Zdenek Troska

    PRAGUE: Five Czech films made it into the list of the top ten box office hits of 2013, with the village comedy Babovresky taking the number one spot.

    Babovresky, directed by Zdenek Troska (who has an impressive  string of comedy and fairytale hits), produced by the NOGUP Agency and distributed by Falcon, earned 86.3 m CZK in box office and had 652,458 admissions, easily outperforming the number two film The Hobbit. Troska will release his follow up sequel Babovresky 2 on 20 February 2014.

    Petr Nikolaev’s crime drama The Godfather’s Story produced by UFO Pictures and distributed by Bioscop landed in the number four position with 40 m CZK in box office and 295.683 admissions. It was followed by the children’s animated film Lucky Four Serving the King directed by Michal Zabka with 28.8 m CZK in box office and 269,546 admissions.

    Revival, the Czech comedy about a reunion of aging rock musicians directed by Alice Nellis, produced by IN Film Praha and distributed by Bontonfilm held the number eight spot with 30.3 m in box office and 240,312 admissions. The holiday heart-warmer Wings of Christmas directed by Karin Babinska, produced by Cineart TV Prague and distributed by Falcon, ended up in ninth place with 31 m CZK in box office and 237,042 admissions.

    Results compare favorably with 2012, when there were six domestic films in the top ten, but the best performing Czech film had only 500,000 admissions, landing in the number two spot.