Ghoul Tops Czech Cinema Attendance

    Ghoul by Petr Jakl Ghoul by Petr Jakl

    PRAGUE: Two weeks after its release in the Czech Republic, the Czech-Ukrainian horror film Ghoul directed by Petr Jákl and produced by J.B.J. Films reached an attendance of 67,149 last weekend and became number one at the box office, beating American Sniper and 50 Shades of Grey. The Czech distributor for Ghoul is Bioscop.

    The film is about a crew of American filmmakers making a documentary about cannibalism of the 20th century facing the real life story of probably the most violent serial killer of all time. They travel to an area of Ukraine where people have been mysteriously disappearing and soon find themselves trapped in a supernatural hunting ground, the next victims of a malevolent spirit.

    Before entering Czech cinemas the film was already sold to a US distributor. Ghoul was also shown at the Berlinale European Film Market.

    Ghoul (Czech Republic, Ukraine, 2015)

    Production information:
    J.B.J. Films
    Bítovská 1227
    140 00 Praha 4
    Czech Republic
    Tel.: +420 777 830 004
    E-mail.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Directed by: Petr Jákl
    Produced by: J.B.J. Films
    Coproduction: František Vondráček, Nancy Bishop
    Czech cinema distribution: Bioscop
    American agent: Traction Media
    American representation: Luke Rivett
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