Dodgeball Sets Opening Record

    Dodgeball by Petr Nikolaev Dodgeball by Petr Nikolaev

    PRAGUE: Petr Nikolaev’s new feature Dodgeball opened in Czech cinemas on 12 March setting a record for a domestic film in 2015. The adaptation of Michael Viewegh’s bestseller has also been successful in Slovak cinemas.

    According to the Czech distributor Falcon, Dodgeball sold 57,307 tickets and together with its premiere screenings has got more than 61,000 admissions so far.

    Dodgeball beats other successful Czech films that opened in 2015, such as Zdenek Troska’s Babovresky 3, produced by Fenix Film and released by Falcon, with admissions of 54,165, and Irena Pavlásková’s Photographer, produced by Cineart TV Prague and distributed by Bioscop, which sold 37,900 tickets during the opening weekend.

    Dodgeball has also been very successful in Slovak cinemas, where it was released by Garfield Film at the same time as in the Czech Republic. During the first weekend it got 8,872 admissions.

    Dodgeball was produced by IN Film Praha in coproduction with RWE.