PRODUCTION: Michalek Completing Holidays in Provence

    Director Vladimir Michalek Director Vladimir Michalek credit: www.novinky.cz

    PRAGUE: Czech director Vladimir Michalek is in postproduction with a comedy, Holidays in Provence, scheduled for release in September 2015.

    The film, about three band members who spontaneously decide to drop their commitments and run off for a summer holiday in the south of France, stars three of the leading young Czech actors: Krystof Hadek, Vojtech Kotek and Jakub Prachar. The script by Dan Minovsky looks at the culture clash that results against the backdrop of a developing romance.

    The film is produced by Vojtech Fric of love.FRAME and coproduced by Apfel, FRAME100R, postproduction house Cinepost, and Media One. The DoP is Martin Strba.

    Production information:
    Vlkova 17
    130 00 Praha 3
    Czech Republic
    Tel: +420 230 234 313
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Vladimir Michalek
    Script: Dan Minovsky
    DOP: Martin Strba
    Editor: Olina Kaufmanova
    Sound: Radim Hladik
    Music: Jakub Prachar
    Cast: Jakub Prachar, Vojtech Kotek, Krystof Hadek, Denisa Pfauserova, Jana Krausova, Igor Bares, Eva Leimbergerova, Jan Novotny, Chantal Poulain, Anna Stropnika, Jaromir Nosek