Czech Film Fund Increases Funding Support for Docs, Minority Coproductions


    PRAGUE: The State Cinematography Fund´s Council will redistribute funds saved during the year and increase the financial allocation for documentary films, minority coproductions, film festivals and script development. Most of the increase of 773,501 EUR / 20.9 m CZK will be allotted to production.

    The greatest increase, 333,086 EUR /9 m CZK, is dedicated to the support of minority coproductions, since several high quality projects submitted this year had no chance for support due to financial limitations. Czechs have been slower than some other CEE territories to embrace and support minority coproductions, but they encourage international cooperation and enrich the national film environment with ambitious projects, publicity, distribution and festival potential.

    The largest part of the funds that the Council returned for redistribution comes from documentary projects, and the funds will be directed back to them. The aim is to enable the creation of projects with higher budgetary requirements, and the funding will therefore be increased by 222,057 EUR / 6 m CZK.