FNE at Finale Plzen 2017: The Good Plumber

    The Good Plumber by Tomáš Vorel The Good Plumber by Tomáš Vorel

    PLZEN: The latest film from Tomáš Vorel The Good Plumber / Instalatér z Tuchlovic will screen at the 30th Finale Plzen, running 20 – 26 April 2017.

    Lubos Cafourek is a quirky plumber from a village near Prague. He is skilful and honest and never refuses any work, but he can't ask enough money for his work and he works for his friends for free. What he earns, he spends on food for stray cats or gambling; he doesn't own a car or a mobile phone. Lubos uses a bike or the bus to get to his customers and his phone calls are handled by his mother (played by the acclaimed legit actress Eva Holubova), who also manages his finances and the entire household. Lubos always has unexpected and witty answers, but his social life is slipping away and all his attempts to find a girlfriend end up as a fiasco.

    The film was produced by Vorelfilm, coproduced by the Czech Television and supported by The Film Foundation. It opened domestically on 6 October 2016 distributed by Falcon and earned a respectable 466,000 USD at the local box office.

    Production information:


    Czech Television


    Written by Tomáš Vorel and Barbora Vlčková
    Directed by Tomáš Vorel
    DoP Tomáš Vorel
    Cast: Jakub Kohák, Eva Holubová, Petra Špalková, Petr Čtvrtníček