GRANTS: Czech Film Fund Supports 12 Czech Minority Coproductions


    PRAGUE: The Czech State Cinematography Fund announced that 12 minority coproduction films will receive grants.

    The Fund divided a total of 29 million CZK / 1,085,939 EUR among projects selected out of 29 applications. Among the applicant projects were ten with Slovakia, six with Romania, three with Poland, two with France and two with USA major participation.

    Many of the grants went to films attached to name director. The largest grant, 5 m CZK, went to a film by Polish director Jan Jakub Kolski. Grants also went to films from Martin Sulik, Peter Kerekes, Radu Jude and Ivo Trajkov.

    The Fund has been supporting minority coproductions since 2010.

    Click HERE to see the list of supported films.