Petr Dvořák Wins Second Term at Czech Television

    Petr Dvorak Petr Dvorak

    PRAGUE: Petr Dvořák was re-elected the general director of public broadcaster Czech Television for a term of six years. The Czech Television Council, which considered a field of five candidates in the second round, made the decision on 26 April 2017.

    Dvořák took the post as general director of the Czech Television 1 October 2011 and he will officially start his second term in the beginning of October this year.

    „The conception I proposed to the Council is based on two basic principles, the first one being continuity: namely the continuity of the value Czech TV promotes, the continuity of financial and operational stability and openness towards the outer world, and also the continuity of the management,” Dvořák said. „The second important principle is innovation. This principle is necessary for Czech Télevision to stay a modern medium, relevant for today's society; so innovation not only in the area of technologies, but also in the new way of thinking, new methods of production, creativity and creative inventiveness.“ Dvořák will now make his project available for internal discussion in Czech TV and also for public discussion.

    „I have a clear idea about the direction of development in all the key areas of activities and the economy of Czech Television, in order not to lose its independence and social relevance, he added.

    A total of 12 candidates put their names forward for the selection of general director of Czech TV, five of whom continued to the second round.

    Prior to taking the post at Czech TV, Dvorak was the general director of TV Nova from 2003 to 2010.