FNE at Zlin IFF: Planet Nemo Animation Picks up Harvie and the Magic Museum

    Harvie and the Magic Museum by Inna Evlannikova, Martin Kotík Harvie and the Magic Museum by Inna Evlannikova, Martin Kotík

    ZLIN: French sales agent Planet Nemo Animation picked up the animated Czech/Belgian/Russian coproduction Harvie and the Magic Museum directed by Martin Kotík and Inna Evlannikova.

    The film’s central character Harvie is "a smart but a bit too lively boy with one ambition, to finish the last level of his computer game. But finishing the game turns out to be only the start of a real adventure that takes Harvie, his dog Jerry, and his friend Monica deep into the forgotten realms of the city’s old puppet museum." Harvie and the Magic Museum was presented as part of the special Focus: Czech Cinema showcase held at the 58th Zlin IFF.

    The stereoscopic 3D animated family film was more than seven years in the making under the leadership of producer/director Martin Kotík and art director Martin Zahradník. Harvie and the Magic Museum was produced with a team of Europe’s top screenwriters, animators and vfx specialists including Jesper Møller, the director of Asterix and the Vikings, who co-authored Harvie and served on the director’s team.

    "Harvie was produced from 2009 till 2018. The film was developed and produced under the leadership of Rolling Pictures, the main producer of the project, in coproduction with Grid Animation (BE) and KinoAtis (RU). The total budget was nearly 7 m EUR, financed mostly by private equity investors with the support of the Czech Film Fund and public film funds. The film was made in domestic and international versions. Domestic release took place on 31 August 2017 and the international premiere at EFM in Berlin in February 2018. The sales agent of the film is a French company Planet Nemo Animation." director Martin Kotik told FNE.

    Production information:

    Rolling Pictures
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    Director: Inna Evlannikova, Martin Kotík
    Screenwriter:  Dan Harder, Jesper Moller, Miloš Kirschner, Petr Nepovím  
    Producer: Martin Kotik
    Cast:  Martin Klásek, Helena Štáchová, Ondřej Lázňovský, Petr Rychlý, Martin Dejdar, Jan Vondráček, Jiří Lábus, Otakar Jirák