Crowdfunding Campaign for Havel Doc Exceeds Funding Target

    Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me? by Petr Jančárek Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me? by Petr Jančárek copyright: Petr Jančárek

    PRAGUE: Czech director Petr Jančárek has received more than 39,000 EUR / 1m CZK, double the funding target of 15,500 EUR / 400,000 CZK, in the first 10 days of his crowdfunding campaign for the doc Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me?. The film documents the last years in the life of Václav Havel, using 200 hours of original footage from 2009-2011 shot by the director at the request of Havel.

    The crowdfunding campaign was launched on HitHit.

    “We are delighted that Madeleine Albright, who is currently visiting the Czech Republic, became one of the film’s supporters,” Jančárek told FNE.

    Petr Jančárek and Madeleine AlbrightHis project, as he claims, will not only be a story about Václav Havel's accomplished childhood dream of becoming a film director, but also a report about the values ​​and the importance of a brave man, about his departure and his constant and so much needed presence.

    Jančárek is hoping to be able to use some of Havel’s favourite songs by the Rolling Stones, Lou Reed and David Bowie, and to purchase their rights at a symbolic price.

    Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me? will have a Czech and also an English version, and it is set to premiere in November 2019, at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and the fall of Communism in Europe. However, in order to thank the supporters, the film will be made accessible online to the people who financially supported it before its official release in cinemas and its broadcasting on TV.