Film Europe Opens Cinema Filmhub Edison in Prague


    PRAGUE: The new EDISON creative film centre will start operating in Prague on 1 June. The EDISON Filmhub is an initiative of the distribution and exhibition company Film Europe.

    The new cinema in the city centre is described as a place for quality films and discussions about film, as well as a place for a morning coffee or an evening drink. In addition to screenings, lectures, seminars, other accompanying programmes will be held here.

    Why? "Because most cinemas  " just "entertain us, but they don't always inspire," says Ivan Hronec, director of Film Europe. “EDISON is here for the cultural audience that wants more and needs help in the form of a quality movie map. It offers a curatorial selection of films, debates on topics, and context,” he adds.

    EDISON Filmhub is located in a stylish functionalist building, the cinema has top screening equipment, comfortable armchairs and a design café. Next to a traditional cinema, it also offers a VOD platform, a "virtual video rental".

    “At the beginning of cinematography, the group concept of the Lumiere brothers prevailed, that understood film as a group experience. Today, Netflix has convinced us that audiovisual work can be perceived individually as well, and EDISON Filmhub, with its interconnection of cinema and VOD platform, is an elegant and up-to-date solution for today,” Hronec said.