FNE at Karlovy Vary 2019 Works in Development: Traces


    KARLOVY VARY: The Croatian company Kinorama is in late development with writer/director Dubravka Turic’s debut feature film Traces. The project was presented by the director and by producer Ira Cecic during the Industry Days pitching forum at the Karlovy Vary IFF, which concluded on 6 July 2019.

    The film, which the director described as “an internet drama with supernatural elements”, is a contemporary story of self-awareness. The main character is a woman whose father has died and who begins seeing signs and symbols in her life as she journeys back to her family’s native village. The title takes on multiple meanings: the traces of pigment that disappear due to her skin disease; the traces of symbols on tombstones and in graffiti; and the disappearing traces of her once-large family.

    Turic said she will employ “a poetic style and visual approach” in the film, adding, “The sound atmosphere is very important.”

    The film has a budget of 994,000 EUR. The producers have secured half of the financing through the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Croatian TV. Shooting is planned for 2020.

    Production information:

    Kinorama (Croatia)
    Croatian TV (Croatia)

    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre

    Director: Dubravka Turic
    Writer: Dubravka Turic
    Producer: Ira Cecic