Multiplex Cinemas in Czech Republic Ready to Reopen

    Multiplex Cinemas in Czech Republic Ready to Reopen photo: Cinema City Chodov

    PRAGUE: Multiplex cinemas are getting ready for reopening in the Czech Republic on 10 June 2021, starting with Cinema City. Smaller cinema theatres are already open since 24 May 2021, but multiplex chains did not use the green light because of the continuing ban on selling food and drinks indoors.

    After it was announced that the ban would be lifted from 31 May 2021, Cinema City was the first chain to confirm its reopening on 10 June 2021. The next chains are expected to join soon.

    “The concession sale has become a key factor for the reopening of our sites. In 2020 during the reopening period in May and June, we were disallowed to sell concessions. When I look at it now with hindsight, I know it was not a good idea to accept those conditions at all”, the director of CineStar Jan Bradáš told FNE.

    Now the cinemas will be able to sell food, but the audience still needs to keep proper distance and to be vaccinated, tested or immune.

    According to Bradáč, there's going to be a big overload of new films in cinemas at first,“which will be unfortunate, as they will cannibalise each other. But on the other hand it is good to see that the volume of production is getting back to normal and the film industry is not slowing down in the Czech Republic”, Jan Bradáč said.